Kelly Rowland Announces New EP ‘K’

Kelly Rowland Announces New EP ‘K’


Lately, Kelly Rowland has been spoiling fans with new music — and she is showing no signs of slowing down. The Grammy-winning singer has revealed her plans to release an EP simply titled K on December 4.

In an interview with Nadeska of Apple Music’s R&B Now, Rowland expressed how she felt about her forthcoming project. “I wasn’t so nervous or as nervous as I am now or as anxious or excited as I am now, ’cause this one is just really on my own,” she said. “But I’m so proud and I’m so excited of where it is and what it sounds like and what I’m expressing and how I’m feeling and just letting, you know, my fans and listeners tap into that. So yeah, it’s, it’s really exciting. I’m really excited.”

Among the songs on K is the highly personal track “Flowers.” Speaking on the heartfelt record, Rowland told Nadeska, “I heard this record and from the moment I heard it, it made me think about time, it made me think about people, and how precious those two are. I’ll never forget having my son, and then three weeks later, losing my mother.

“It was so many things that I wanted to tell her because it made me realize the importance of time, and people, and not taking them for granted and, and being able to give people their flowers while they’re here and tell them that you love them and tell them that you appreciate them and Um, you know, we are living in some really crazy times and I think that it’s important now, to even call up on people and check up on them. You know what I mean?”

K will also include Rowland’s recently released track “Hitman,” as well as her Donna Summer-inspired disco jam “Crazy.”