Kelly Clarkson Reacts to Quarantine Life, News of Murder Hornets

Kelly Clarkson Reacts to Quarantine Life, News of Murder Hornets


Kelly Clarkson is shaking her head along with everyone else stuck at home in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic, especially with the news riddled with yet another thing to worry about in 2020: murder hornets.

The singer revealed that her dryer is broken and joked that she’s been forced to hang her laundry outside to dry “like I’m living in Dr. Quinn Medicine Women times” on Twitter on Saturday (May 2).

“I feel like my patience and tolerance is being tested lately and, well, all I can say is I’m not thriving,” Clarkson admitted before providing an update: “My stuff that’s drying outside just flew away with the wind HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh dear Jesus…. I’m officially saying goodbye to today and I’m gonna start fresh tomorrow.”

“And now a new problem is “murder hornets,'” she quipped later, along with a meme of Seth Meyers saying “sounds about right.”

The singer was talking about the Asian giant hornet, the deadly pest that has made its way to the United States for the first time and is making headlines this weekend. Nicknamed “murder hornets” by researchers, the insect can grow to two inches long and can “wipe out a honeybee hive in a matter of hours,” according to the New York Times. Victims have said its potent venom and stinger feel like “hot metal driving into their skin.”

On Friday, Clarkson announced that her postponed ‘Invincible’ residency in Las Vegas was now among the canceled concerts that will be pushed back further. The show was previously rescheduled to begin in July 2020 but will now take the stage in 2021. “There is just too much uncertainty going on right now, and we want to make sure everybody’s safe and we want to make sure everybody can have a good time when you come see me in Vegas — no one’s worrying about anything,” she said. “We should be good by then, right?”

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