Kehlani Explains Open Relationship With YG, Didn’t Care About His Kissing Scandal

Kehlani Explains Open Relationship With YG, Didn’t Care About His Kissing Scandal


She’s said that she and YG don’t have any ill-will toward one another and have moved on from their romance, but Kehlani also shocked fans when she discussed their open relationship arrangement. Today (May 8), Kehlani shared her It Was Good Until It Wasn’t project that quickly became a fan favorite, and to help promote the record, she sat down for a social distancing interview with The Breakfast Club. There were plenty of topics covered during the conversation, but her revelation about having an open relationship with YG became a highlight of the chat.

Kehlani Explains Open Relationship With YG, Didn't Care About His Kissing Scandal

Kehlani said that she and YG went through what an “open relationship” meant to them, so when he was captured allegedly kissing a woman outside of a nightclub, she wasn’t upset about it. She decided not to come forward to explain anything to the public because she didn’t want to deal with the opinions of others. “It wasn’t a rule-breaking situation,” she said.

“I’m lowkey saying sh*t can go down, as long as everything is communicated because everyone’s adults,” she told The Breakfast Club hosts. “I know how this life is.” Kehlani added that she doesn’t “trip off most things in general” and “certain things [she] really, genuinely [doesn’t] care about.” However, she found out some other things that were communicated to her. “It was a lot of lies and a lot of covering up… It was deep and it was like, intricate. It wasn’t a simple, I found out the basics of something. It was deep and it was intricate and it was weaving of something that turned into something else.”

Charlamagne Tha God wanted to know exactly what an “open relationship” meant. “I think it’s whatever boundaries that you guys set with each other,” she answered. Kehlani added that no one open relationship looks like another, and couples have to decide if dating, kissing, having sex with, or having another relationship with someone else is acceptable or not. 

Kehlani did admit that YG had some reservations about her seeing other people, whether it was a man or a woman. She added that she wasn’t really interested in anyone else but YG at the time, anyway. Watch the clip below.

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