K. Michelle Says Her R&B Album Is ‘Finished’

K. Michelle Says Her R&B Album Is ‘Finished’


K. Michelle believes that she has completed her last R&B album, tentatively titled 901 Shelby Drive. The Memphis native recently shared an update on Twitter, writing, “I think I did it! I think the R&B album is finally finished!” 

Michelle promised in a deleted Instagram post that she was going to release last year’s All Monsters Are Human follow-up in February. However, plans for its release changed, and the singer-songwriter continued work on the album, which is considered the forerunner to her long-awaited, still-untitled country album.

In her Instagram comments, she even had Brandy, the Vocal Bible, open to lending her background services to songs on the R&B-focused album.  

Speaking of her anticipated country album, K. Michelle said in the same Twitter post that she was shooting a photoshoot for it this week. In a voice tweet, she shared joy about the record, set to feature contributions from Dolly Parton, Eric Paslay, and Billy Ray Cyrus. 

“I cannot wait for you guys to hear my country album,” she said. “I’m just so excited. It is true to me. It’s what I do. Oh my God. I’m just listening to everything and all of the love and support out of Nashville. People are so excited. I’m just so excited, and I thank y’all. It’s about the music, man. I’m really happy.” 

Michelle’s last album, All Monsters Are Human, was among Rated R&B’s best R&B albums of 2020 list. 

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