Justin Gaethje Upsets Tony Ferguson At UFC 249, Twitter Reacts

Justin Gaethje Upsets Tony Ferguson At UFC 249, Twitter Reacts


UFC 249 was supposed to be quick work for Tony Ferguson who was slated to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov for the title, instead. Due to the Coronavirus, Khabib was unable to partake in the event and he got to up against Justin Gaethje. Not many pundits were giving Gaethje much of a chance but in the end, he came through with a fifth-round TKO after landing multiple headshots on Ferguson. As you can imagine, Gaethje was absolutely ecstatic about the win while Ferguson was distraught.

In the clip below, you can see how the closing moments of the fight played out. Clearly, Ferguson was getting gassed and dizzy at the end, which allowed Gaethje to take advantage and finish off the fight, once and for all.

Because of the nature of this upset, fans on Twitter were fairly shocked at how everything played out. People rushed to the social media website to talk about just how impressive Gaethje’s performance was, while also expressing disappointment in Ferguson who talked a big game coming into the event.

Now, Gaethje will get a chance to fight Khabib for the title and we are excited to see how that one would play out. One would have to assume Gaethje is going into that fight as a massive underdog.