Justin Bieber's Marriage to Hailey: A Set Up?

Justin Bieber's Marriage to Hailey: A Set Up?


There’s no denying that Justin Bieber loves his wife Hailey. But was their marriage all part of her dad’s plan?

When Bieber sat down with Demi Lovato on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday (March 6), she asked how the two met. And after he explained that they were first introduced when he played the Today Show several years ago (and she had no interest in meeting him), Bieber had a revelation.

“She was raised Christian, and they found out that I — I think it was an arranged marriage, I’m pretty sure,” he told Lovato. “Looking back now, it was definitely an arranged marriage, they set this whole thing up. Since she was raised Christian, [her dad] was like, ‘I want to introduce you to Justin and his mom, they have similar values and believe the same thing, we think you guys would be good friends.’ It was definitely an arranged marriage now that I’m thinking about it, goodness gracious!”

Arranged or not, Bieber is clearly happy to be married to Hailey. When Lovato asked about what he’ll do on his days off during his upcoming Changes Tour, Hailey was the first thing on his mind. “It’s gonna be my first time traveling married,” he said. “We’re going to do a lot of fun stuff — see the world and do it together.”

Lovato and Bieber also talked about their mental health struggles, with the “Confident” singer telling Justin that she looked to him as an inspiration while she was going through her own battles last year. “I really just admire the man that you are today,” she said.

Watch Bieber and Lovato’s Ellen chats below, as well as a hilarious game of Holey Roller.