Justin Bieber Rocks Pink Hair, Dines on Exotic Desserts in ‘Yummy’ Watch

Justin Bieber Rocks Pink Hair, Dines on Exotic Desserts in ‘Yummy’ Watch


Justin Bieber has officially dropped the music video for his new R&B-influenced single "Yummy" — and, as the title suggests, it's full of visually delicious treats.

The delectable video, which dropped Saturday (Jan. 4), features the pop superstar once again rocking pink hair and similarly colored Drew House clothing to match, while dining on dozens of colorful exotic meals and desserts.

The "Yummy" clip begins with Bieber walking alone through the kitchen of a fancy restaurant and being serenaded by a glitzy string quartet of children as he takes his seat inside. The surreal affair continues with the crooner being joined by several eccentric dinner guests and feasting on a green Jell-O mold, lobster, a plate full of cheese puffs, and many more strange edible concoctions.

After much teasing, Bieber unleashed "Yummy" to streaming services on Friday. The song will be the first single from his upcoming fifth studio album, which does not yet have a release date. The release will mark his first solo project since 2015's Purpose album.

In addition to a new album, Bieber has announced a North American tour in 2020, and a 10-part documentary series premiering Jan. 27 on YouTube.

Watch Bieber's new "Yummy" video below.