Justin Bieber Praises His Own Butt On "Ellen"

Justin Bieber Praises His Own Butt On "Ellen"


Justin Bieber is on a pretty extensive promo run for his new album, Changes, which obviously included a stop at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In fact, it included TWO stops there. He appeared on the talk show in January to clarify the sexual innuendos in his lead single, “Yummy”. Now, he has returned to participate in the “Burning Questions” game, which basically just entails him answering whatever personal questions are hurled his way. 

“What body part are you most proud of?” was one of the questions he was forced to ponder. However, the Canadian popstar didn’t struggle to come up with a very-Canadian response. “I can say I have a nice butt. Gotta nice butt,” Biebs confessed. “I played hockey my whole life, so, you know, it’s called a hockey butt. You know what I mean? I’ve got a nice little hockey butt.” 

Justin Bieber Praises His Own Butt On "Ellen"Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Pretty much every answer he gave in this game bore some sort of relation to his wife, Hailey Baldwin, including the butt one. He warned all the over-excited Beliebers in the audience to not carried away by taking a peak at his behind once he stood up from his seat. “Don’t look, okay?,” he pleaded. “It’s my wife’s. Don’t look. Just take it from me.”

All the women watching were also likely swooning when Bieber refrained from answering how many children he wants to have out of respect for his wife. “It’s up to Haley cause it’s her body,” he insisted.