JR Smith Reportedly Set To Workout With Lakers, Fans React

JR Smith Reportedly Set To Workout With Lakers, Fans React


JR Smith is one of the more enigmatic players in the NBA although it’s not always for the best of reasons. The “Henny God” has come under fire in the past for his bizarre plays and momentary lapses in both reason and judgment. For instance, who can forget his brainfart in the 2018 NBA Finals when he didn’t realize that the game was tied. Since making that mistake, LeBron James left for the Los Angeles Lakers while Smith was ultimately released by the Cavaliers.

Recently, Troy Daniels was waived by the Los Angeles Lakers to create a roster spot. While Dion Waiters has been rumored to be of interest to the Lakers, it appears as though JR Smith could be on the roster, as well. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Lakers are going to be working out both Smith and Waiters this week.

If Smith were to be signed by the Los Angeles Lakers, he would be reuniting with LeBron. This would truly be a strange sight when you consider how things ended between these two. Regardless, Smith would add some depth to this Lakers roster that is looking to make a deep run in the playoffs. Perhaps Smith can even make an impact and repair his reputation with LeBron and his fans.

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