Joyner Lucas Reflects On "ADHD" Billboard Sales

Joyner Lucas Reflects On "ADHD" Billboard Sales


After undergoing what might have been the most extensive rollout in hip-hop history, Joyner Lucas has finally unleashed his full ADHD album upon the masses. And while its staggered two-year plus release may have ultimately hampered the final first-week numbers, Joyner’s fans still came out in droves to support the rapper’s official studio debut. So much so that Joyner tallied up an impressive 30,000 units, enough to propel him to the tenth spot on the Billboard 200 charts. 

Joyner Lucas Reflects On "ADHD" Billboard Sales

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

“I don’t focus on charts and reviews, however I appreciate all my fans all over the world!” he captions, reflecting on the success of his album. “I Made @itunes #1 rap album in the world and @billboard charts top #10 album in the world across all genres. Also noticed I was the only independent artist on the list. To all the indie artist that are constantly pushing through the struggle to one day make it, just know it’s possible. As an artist and the co-founder of @tullyapp I plan on leading by example. #ADHD out now!”

It’s certainly a good look for Joyner, who has proven himself to be at once a creative visionary and a respectable commercial force to be reckoned with — all things considered. And while he doesn’t focus on reviews, perhaps he oughta consider checking out our own song-by-song breakdown of ADHD right here, should he find himself so inclined. Congratulations to Joyner Lucas. Keep fighting the good fight and leading by example.