Joshua Releases New Single “Psalms”:

Joshua Releases New Single “Psalms”:


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The new release from Joshua called Psalms is one of the better tracks put out by the rising musician. It starts with a very laid-back vibe, and continues to provide listeners with a very easy song to get locked into. It becomes catchier and catchier as the song goes on, with a few verses to get the message across.

As one might assume from the title, the theme of the song is very much related to Psalms. In particular, from Psalms 107:20 is the verse:

“He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave.”

Joshua is very inspired by this bible verse, and seems to really be appreciative of the book of Psalms in general.

The lyrics have special meaning to Joshua, and he is hoping that listeners will be able to take something from his singing as well. There is a definite message there that is meant to inspire people who are listening, making it more than just another R&B song with a catchy tune.

With that said, the song stays pretty simple, letting the lyrics do most of the heavy lifting. The tune is one of Joshua’s best, but it is mostly about him showing off his lyrical side. He has established himself as more of a lyricist early on his career, but that is not to say that he will not be able to evolve into something else as time goes on. He officially dedicated “Psalms” to the late Alan Nyhart, giving it special meaning to him in the end. A great overall song, and one that shows his progression as an artist.

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