Josh Hart Rages At COD And Stomps Keyboard In Fit Of Anger

Josh Hart Rages At COD And Stomps Keyboard In Fit Of Anger


If you’ve ever played video games, you will probably relate to the story I’m about to tell. Imagine this, you’re playing some Call of Duty when all of a sudden, you see an enemy player and start shooting. As if God himself is trying to spite you, your connection starts to bug out and none of your shots register, allowing the enemy to spot you and gun you down. It is an infuriating experience and last night, New Orleans Pelicans star Josh Hart experienced this pain first hand.

In the clip below, Hart was playing some COD when all of a sudden, he got beaten in a gun battle he feels he should have won. That’s when he descended into a fit of rage and yelled: “Fuck this game,” before taking his keyboard, throwing it on the ground, stomping on it, then throwing it out of the room entirely.

It was a pretty hilarious scene for viewers at home although if you’re Hart, it certainly wasn’t funny in the moment. Not to mention, it looks like that mechanical keyboard costs a lot of money and you would never want to waste such a good piece of technology.

Hopefully, Hart will eventually “git gud” at COD and not have to rage as hard.