Jordyn Woods & Little Sister Jodie Are Practically Identical

Jordyn Woods & Little Sister Jodie Are Practically Identical


Jordyn Woods and Jodie Woods may be seven years apart in age, but they could easily be mistaken for twins after getting matching hairstyles and looking virtually identical now. Both sisters showed off their freshly braided tresses in a series of Instagram posts on each of their accounts, and the similarities in their appearances will have you think you’re seeing double. Jodie is practically a clone of her older sister, and the two of them are certainly not blind to the eeriness. Jordyn shared a set of photos of herself and her mini me which Jodie then reposted, and it’s honestly pretty difficult to tell them apart.

“she does Jordyn better than Jordyn,” the older of the two wrote, followed by an eye roll emoji. Jodie followed suit, writing, “sistaaaa sistaaaaa” on the same set of photos in her own post.

Jordyn also shared some TikTok videos of her and her carbon copy performing some of the viral dances from the content-sharing platform. 

“So this is what the kids are doing these days,” Jordyn wrote in the caption of the clips. “I think I may just make a TikTok myself.” There sure are some strong genes in that family.