Jon Jones Clowns Dominick Reyes For Claiming He Was ‘Robbed’ At UFC 247

Jon Jones Clowns Dominick Reyes For Claiming He Was ‘Robbed’ At UFC 247


UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones took to twitter on Tuesday night to respond to Dominick Reyes and other critics who feel that Reyes was ‘robbed’ in the main event of UFC 247. A majority of MMA fans and analysts seemed to share the belief that Reyes took the first three rounds, while Jones earned the “Championship Rounds,” however the judges didn’t see it that way

According to Jones, fight fans shouldn’t be upset with the judges but rather how Reyes “completely stopped fighting in the championship rounds.”

Jon Jones Clowns Dominick Reyes For Claiming He Was ‘Robbed’ At UFC 247

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In a series of tweets, Jones defended the judges’ ruling.

“Dominic out struck me by literally 12 shots. I scored the take downs, was the aggressor, control the octagon every round, had more significant strikes landed.. Dom completely stopped fighting in the championship rounds and has the audacity to be mad at the judges.”

“Don’t be mad at the judges, be mad at Dom’s conditioning guy. man started to give up when the water got deep and is now going around doing interviews talking about being robbed. When will these young boys start taking responsibility that’s what’s wrong with boys these days.”

Among Jones’ twitter rant were a couple of messages that he later deleted, but not before fans could screenshot his comments. Two of his since-deleted tweets read:

“I feel like critics are throwing around the word robbed way too freely, there’s a huge difference between a close fight and a flat out robbery.”

“If anyone was robbed, it was Dom’s fans, he robbed them of finishing the fight like a man. Going out on your shield isn’t for everyone I guess.”

As for the potential rematch that everyone seems to be calling for, Jones says, “Someone tell uncle Dana to give me a call.” Check out his full string of tweets regarding UFC 247 below.