Jon Jones Bests Dominick Reyes In Grueling UFC 247 Victory

Jon Jones Bests Dominick Reyes In Grueling UFC 247 Victory


In a record-setting bout to retain the UFC light heavyweight title, Jon Jones bested Dominick Reyes in UFC 247 Saturday night.

Jon Jones Bests Dominick Reyes In Grueling UFC 247 VictoryRonald Martinez / Getty Images

While Jones won with a unanimous decision from the judges, his victory was anything but easy: “He landed some hard hits. The fans like it when they see me get hit — it doesn’t happen very often,” Jones said, according to ESPN. “But at the same time, I landed some takedowns. I got his back on more than one occasion. … A hard-earned victory but a victory.”

This was the first fight of Jones’s career in which he was outstruck. Final tallies mark Reyes at 116 significant strikes and Jones at 104. Despite the battle, Jones continues his record 18 fight undefeated streak in the UFC.

Dana White is hoping for a rematch. “Dominick Reyes would have knocked 100 percent of the people he fought out with the shots he hit Jones with tonight,” he said.

Reyes told reporters that he feels disrespected by the scoring: “I do feel disrespected. I know I won that fight. … I made Jon Jones look like just a man. I brought the fight to him.”

“That’s the way to make American history right there: hard-fought,” Jones said. “It wasn’t the most impressive victory, but nothing, absolutely nothing, that has never been done before is easy. It is never easy. I left it all out there, showed the heart of a champion in the fifth round, and it’s so sweet.

“Dominick did a tremendous job. Dominick, you have totally earned my respect, man.”