"Joker" Director Shares Pics From The Crew’s Last Day Of Filming

"Joker" Director Shares Pics From The Crew’s Last Day Of Filming


Most people unanimously agreed that Joker was a phenomenal film and that Joaquin Phoenix absolutely deserved to win the “Best Actor” award at this year’s Oscars ceremony for his portrayal of the titular character. Although Todd Phillips didn’t take home the “Best Director” trophy — Bong Joon-ho won for his equally-praised macabre thriller Parasite — he still was a good sport about it all, and even shared some dope behind the scenes imagery recently from their last day of shooting to celebrate Phoenix’s epic win.

 "Joker" Director Shares Pics From The Crew's Last Day Of Filming
Jeff Kravitz / Getty

“All of these were taken on our last day of shooting,” Phillips wrote as a caption to go with the photos he posted on Instagram a few days ago, following up by adding, “It was bittersweet for sure— while it felt great to be done, we also had such an intense and unique experience— and then suddenly it just ends. What a ride this film has been and it all culminated with watching Joaquin walk up on that stage this weekend.” He ended his note by thanking the many fans that helped make it become the first R-rated film to gross over $1 billion, in addition to the 32nd-highest-grossing film of all time.

Enjoy the rare flicks from the set of Joker below, and let’s pray that we get a proper sequel so we can do this all over again very soon: