Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s Unsettling Divorce Texts Surface

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s Unsettling Divorce Texts Surface


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s divorce debacle has been a tough one to wrap our minds around. Plenty of information about the allegations and case have been shared, but still, none of us truly know what happened. There is a lot of “he says”, “she says”, and although a settlement has been reached, more insight is surfacing. 

Heard had a restraining order placed on Depp after their split, preventing the two from communicating with each other, however, after they disregarded the order in favor of an in-person meeting, a mutual-agent, Christian Carino ended up being their muse.

Text messages between Heard and Depp had to be filtered through Carino before making their way to each other, and as you would expect, the texts were very dramatic. 

“It feels like a dream and a nightmare all in one, it was difficult to not die when our eyes met. i have no choice but to dive into those pools of green. they represent every millisecond of what we had. i miss her. i love her. i always will. as will she. there were some difficult things to swallow…but, one either swallows or chokes,” an agonized Depp shared to his confidant. 

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard's Unsettling Divorce Texts Surface Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 

“What I wanted was a fresh start with my wife. which, i thought was what she wanted. she should do what she really feels…if her priorities are not us, then i will proceed and do what i have to do. i dangle no more,” he added. 

Heard, too, opened up text, “I’m afraid I am setting myself up to fall back in again. It was so hard to leave him. I’ve been through too much. And I see no future in this. And every time I see him it’s like my chest is ripped open and every piece of my soul is ground down to a pulp. Since seeing him in San Francisco, I have been a complete mess. I literally have been sobbing all day and night”. 

After news broke that Heard felt Depp violated the restraining order by traveling to San Fransisco for their meeting, Depp carefully deliberated. “Why did she come to Frisco??”, was his conclusion.