Joe Rogan’s UFC 247 Criticism Leads To Swift Response From Commission

Joe Rogan’s UFC 247 Criticism Leads To Swift Response From Commission


UFC 247 was an exciting event that saw Jon Bones Jones defeat Dominick Reyes in a close fight. Many felt as though Reyes won but in the end, it was scored in favor of Jones. Quite a few fans had something to say about and the judges were put into question. During a preliminary bout between Andrea Lee and Lauren Murphy, UFC commentator Joe Rogan pointed out that a judge was looking at the ground instead of the actual fight. All throughout the evening, the judges were scrutinized and the Texas Department of Licensure and Regulation took notice.

Recently, the commission’s spokesperson, Tela Mange, explained what went down and how Rogan’s claims aren’t 100 percent accurate. As they explained, there are monitors at the feet of each judge. These monitors give a closer look at what’s happening. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why Rogan would think the judge wasn’t paying attention.

“Claims have been made that a judge was not paying attention to the fight and was looking down at the floor. One of the advances that UFC has made in the past several years has been to provide small video monitors below the floor level of the Octagon for each judge to more closely monitor matches,” Mange said the South China Morning Post.

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