Joe Budden Reveals Azealia Banks Was Almost Co-Host Of "State Of The Culture"

Joe Budden Reveals Azealia Banks Was Almost Co-Host Of "State Of The Culture"


It would be an interesting sight to see Azealia Banks host a show on Revolt TV, and according to Joe Budden, it almost happened. The State of the Culture co-hosts Joe Budden, Remy Ma, Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins, and Eboni K. Williams made their way to The Breakfast Club where the packed room chatted about the hit Revolt series. Budden was asked about how he and Diddy came up with having four hosts and Budden shared that initially, the first idea was only to have two people.

“The original idea was two,” Budden said. “Me and another person.” Charlamagne challenged the podcast host to say the person’s name, but eventually, the radio host just blurts out, “At one point it was Azealia Banks.” The reaction in the room was surprise as everyone expressed that it was a visual that was hard for them to imagine.

“In theory, what an amazing idea,” added Budden. Someone mumbled, “I wonder how long that would have lasted.” Budden replied, “That’s what I wanted to create. Something that you would say, ‘How long is that gonna last?’ That didn’t pan out for whatever reason. So then we said, alright, we need three. And then when we were screen-testing the three…” Budden was interrupted but fellow State of the Culture host Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins who joked, “Was I really not supposed to be on this show, sh*t.”

Budden continued by saying that during the screen-testing it was obvious that a fourth person needed to be added. Remy chimed in that during the screen-testing they learned that “Rem is just like Joe, she just has a wig on. So it was like, we need four.” Check out Budden discussing how he and Diddy came up with the format for State of the Culture below.

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