Joe Biden Tells Worker He’s "Full Of Sh*t" Over Stick Talk

Joe Biden Tells Worker He’s "Full Of Sh*t" Over Stick Talk


Joe Biden’s campaign is getting rockier with each passing day even though he’s currently in the lead in the Democratic primaries. As more candidates are dropping out of the race, Biden’s main competition right now is Bernie Sanders. However, Biden isn’t backing down in the race or against anyone who’s apparently misquoting him.

Joe Biden Tells Worker He's "Full Of Sh*t" Over Stick Talk
 Pete Marovich/Getty Images

According to reports in 2019, Obama was already concerned about Biden getting into the presidential race out of fear Biden would “embarrass himself.” Perhaps Obama wasn’t wrong about that. Biden’s said a few questionable things in the past and recent footage of him getting into a heated debate with an autoworker didn’t seem to help his case. As the autoworker claimed Biden was trying to “end our Second Amendment right,” Biden called “bullshit.” Actually, he didn’t say that — he insisted the worker was full of shit before listing off the straps that he owns. 

“I support the Second Amendment,” Biden said. “The Second Amendment — just like right now, if you yell ‘fire,’ that’s not free speech.”

Biden continued to engage in the heated debate until someone from his team began to interfere. Even then, Biden denied that any of these “viral videos” are actually true and told the autoworker, “Don’t be such as horse’s ass.”

Peep the argument below.