Jodi Vs. Tina: Which Challenge Powerhouse Will Come Out On Top?

Jodi Vs. Tina: Which Challenge Powerhouse Will Come Out On Top?


If time heals all wounds, consider Tina and Jodi of The Challenge conscientious clock objectors. The two powerhouses, who first met on Inferno II, got off on the wrong foot and — as of the most recent episode of All Stars — they’ve committed to staying that way…17 years later.

But now that they’ve each claimed victory in one of the first two missions and have each vowed to oust the other from the game, the question is: Who can stand the heat, and who’ll have to get the hell out of the kitchen?

After Derek and Leah’s elimination from the game, players learned they’d have to test their wits and endurance, alike, in the second All Stars mission, “Around the Block.” In two teams, the cast would have to rush to collect King Kong-sized puzzle pieces — some scattered in the woods and some floating in a cenote — before correctly assembling them on a pyramid’s slant.

The Green Team, led by captains Ryan and Ayanna, showed promise, especially by Jodi, who had the foresight to gather pieces in the cenote before bringing them ashore.

“Jodi is a freaking beast,” Teck said. “Kudos to you, Jodi. I didn’t even think to do that.”

Ultimately, though, it was Team Black, led by captains Tina and Darrell, who came through with the win, safety from elimination and the responsibility of nominating four more players into The Arena.

“It does feel good to have a lot of power, but I can’t let it go to my head,” Tina said.

But actions would speak louder than words. Tina, whose commanding voice could compete with foghorns, left Darrell feeling helpless during deliberations (“Working with Tina is very draining,” he said.). And in spite of his efforts to tread lightly, he wound up acquiescing to Tina and nominating his roommates — to whom he promised safety — into The Arena, leaving Jodi, Jonna, MJ and Ryan all in danger of going home.

The cast was predictably in shock, especially with respect to Jodi’s sentencing.

“Big d*ck energy, Tina and Darrell,” Ryan said. “Only the second elimination and you’re throwing Jodi in? That’s a big move.”

But Tina had her reasons. Jodi had only been in one elimination round on Inferno II and lost, so — though she had rightfully earned the distinction of one of the game’s best players ever — she understood why some women might want to aim for the chink in her armor.

“I’m not happy to be in the situation I’m in right now, but I just want Tina to know that I will remember this,” Jodi said. “She better be very, very afraid.”

And in spite of choreographed confidence, Tina, too, knew that she was playing with fire.

“If Jodi comes back with that Life Shield, I’m dead in the water,” she said.

Jodi, who wound up handily defeating Sophia in “Fireball” — a straightforward game of tic-tac-toe with the added risk of singed skin — could only celebrate her very first elimination round win for a moment. Quickly, she realized that she’d have to fight tooth and nail to remain in the game. But there’s a reason she was the first solo female Challenge winner, she insisted, and the game’s women would be wise to think twice about dueling her.

“Hopefully, the girls are a little bit nervous,” Jodi said. “The first move that I want to make is to get Tina out of the house.”

Well, there’s no mistaking this grudge match — so when it comes to Tina v. Jodi, who’ll come out on top? Find out on the next All Stars, with new episodes dropping every Thursday only on Paramount+!