Jimmy Butler Can’t Stop Hugging Goran Dragic After Heat Win: Watch

Jimmy Butler Can’t Stop Hugging Goran Dragic After Heat Win: Watch


Jimmy Butler has consistently been one of the most entertaining players in the NBA over the last five years. Butler is constantly making headlines for his relationship with his teammates which is usually categorized as tumultuous. Some feel as though Butler isn’t able to maintain good relationships with his peers although many would argue differently. Regardless of how you feel about him, there is no denying he has turned over a new leaf with the Miami Heat. The team has been playing exceptionally well and there seems to be quite a bit of chemistry between him and his younger teammates. 

On Thursday night, the Heart pulled off an incredible defensive effort against the Toronto Raptors and eventually won the game. Afterward, Butler’s teammate Goran Dragic was being interviewed when out of nowhere, Butler came in and gave Dragic a big hug.

Dragic seemed to be surprised by this gesture and didn’t know whether to pull away or hug Butler back. Meanwhile, Butler couldn’t seem to let go of Dragic was the whole point of the joke. If there is anything this video proves, it’s that Butler has a great relationship with his Heat teammates and that any criticisms of Butler from before, need to be disregarded immediately.

If the Heat can keep up this momentum, they’re going to be fun to watch in the playoffs.