Jim Jones Trolls Fabolous & Emily B’s Romance: "I’m Sick Of Ya’ll"

Jim Jones Trolls Fabolous & Emily B’s Romance: "I’m Sick Of Ya’ll"


It’s always nice to see some good old fashioned romance in hip-hop. After all, celebrities have a hard time maintaining relationships in the best of times. Whether it’s the constant temptation or the whirlwind schedules, many famous names and faces have seen their unions crumble before that all-important three-year milestone. For those who do manage to overcome the challenges, the end results are all-the-more important. One such couple is Fabolous and Emily B, who have managed to overcome a widely publicized incident and emerge on the other side. 

Jim Jones Trolls Fabolous & Emily B's Romance: "I'm Sick Of Ya'll"

 Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images 

Following the release of Summertime Shootout 3Fabolous has been more vocal in flaunting his lovesick ways, flooding his Instagram page with coupled-up shots. It got so frequent that Jim Jones took it upon himself to mischievously troll the couple. “I’m sick of yal lol,” he tearfully comments, alongside a pic of Fab and Emily’s intimate New Year’s Eve bender. “Very fly.”

It’s clear that Jones harbors no ill-will to the couple; he’s somewhat of a romantic himself, having been with his girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin for over fifteen years now. In spite of Jones’ trollish commentary, wean expect Fab will continue to keep the pictures coming, social media timeline etiquette be damned. Shout out to all of you hopeless romantics out there.