Jill Scott to Launch New Podcast ‘Jill Scott Presents: J.ill the Podcast’

Jill Scott to Launch New Podcast ‘Jill Scott Presents: J.ill the Podcast’


Jill Scott’s lovely and imaginative voice will be live across the airwaves soon. The neo-soul mainstay has revealed plans to release a weekly podcast titled Jill Scott Presents: J.ill the Podcast, with the first episode airing on November 18. Scott will be joined by Aja Graydon (of Kindred the Family Soul) and Laiya St.Clair (seasoned on-air personality). 

The uncensored and honest show, airing every Wednesday, will heavily focus on the everyday topics that impact Black women in today’s world, from relationships to culture to health to art to everything else in between.  

Scott shared in a press statement what motivated the inception of the podcast, as well as how she hopes the kitchen-table discussion amongst sister-friends will inspire other Black women who tune in.

“J.ill the Podcast will spark unfiltered conversations by and for Black women who influence culture and uplift sisterhood,” said Scott. “2020 has been a challenging year for our community, and our hope is that this show will continue to keep our love village connected, entertained and empowered. These are valuable discussions about how we’re feeling and what’s happening in the world today.”

According to Scott, the new podcast will be available on multiple streaming platforms, including the iHeartMedia app and Apple Music. 

Anyone anxious to hear the first episode of the new podcast can enter to win an exclusive listen with Scott herself. More details are available here. 

This summer, Scott celebrated the 20th anniversary of her debut album Who Is Jill Scott?: Words and Sounds, Vol. 1. Rated R&B revisited the seminal album with a retrospective editorial. 

Scott also was tapped to portray Queen of Gospel Mahalia Jackson in a future biopic. 

Listen to the official audio trailer of Jill Scott Presents: J.ill the Podcast below.