Jeremy Lin Reacts To Receiving His "Fat" Raptors Title Ring

Jeremy Lin Reacts To Receiving His "Fat" Raptors Title Ring


Last season, the Toronto Raptors defied the odds and won the Championship. It was their first title in franchise history and most of it was all thanks to the efforts of Kawhi Leonard. Overall, it was a big team win that required the help of various role players. Jeremy Lin was one of those players and turned out to be a fan-favorite amongst the Toronto crowd. This season, Lin is playing overseas and recently, he finally got his championship ring.

Lin took to Instagram where he flexed the ring and asked his followers about what he should do with the piece. As he explains, the ring is fairly massive and isn’t all that lowkey. If he were to wear it in public, people would notice it almost immediately.

“Uhhhh lollll. Finally got my @raptors championship ring to Beijing and this things fatttt!! FAT!” Lin wrote. “Thank you to Toronto and all the fans who made last year so memorable. Great ending to 2019, time to make more history in 2020. The ring literally takes over my hand…taking all suggestions on how to make it a lil more lowkey or should I just flex it everywhere I go lol ??”

Regardless of whether or not he continues to wear it, there is no denying how Lin will never forget the moment he became an NBA champion.