Jemele Hill Pushes Back Against Snoop Dogg’s Support Of Bill Cosby

Jemele Hill Pushes Back Against Snoop Dogg’s Support Of Bill Cosby


Bill Cosby’s sentencing shifted the narrative surrounding the now-disgraced comedian. America’s Dad went from being one of the most championed figured in entertainment to a convicted sex offender. In the world of hip-hop, many artists that represented a culture Cosby was vehemently against championed him in wake of the #MeToo movement. Snoop Dogg has been among those who’ve called for Cosby’s freedom.

Following the backlash surrounding Gayle King’s interview with Lisa Leslie, Snoop Dogg called her out on claims that she was putting down her own people while calling for Bill’s freedom. Even though Bill Cosby gave Snoop Dogg a nod of approval for standing up for him, Jemele Hill reminded Snoop of Bill’s victims including the account made by Beverly Johnson. She also reminded Snoop of Cosby’s previous disparaging stance on rappers and Black men who listen to rap.

“I love you bro, but please remember that Bill Cosby also victimized black women. Beverly Johnson, the first black supermodel, wrote a compelling account of how Bill Cosby drugged her and tried to rape her. This also was the same dude telling people that black men didn’t deserve any respect because they wore their pants too low, and listened to hip hop. I’m glad he was able to present a positive picture of a black Dad, but he also was very anti-black in other parts of his life,” she wrote. 

Peep her comments below.

Jemele Hill Pushes Back Against Snoop Dogg's Support Of Bill Cosby