Jeffrey Epstein’s Graphic Death Photos Unveiled in Explosive ’60 Minutes’ Broadcast

Jeffrey Epstein’s Graphic Death Photos Unveiled in Explosive ’60 Minutes’ Broadcast


What’s worse than getting exposed as a filthy pedophile who used his billionaire position to abuse underaged girls? How about having your last moments posted all over primetime TV for the nation to see. That is currently the case for Jeffrey Epstein, the deceased and disgraced finance tycoon that just had his post-mortem photos unveiled on CBS News’ 60 Minutes this past weekend.

The graphic photos were revealed on the show’s latest episode this past Sunday night (Jan 5), showing various flicks of Epstein lying on a hospital gurney, some even showing his naked body. One of the key photos also depicts what 60 Minutes is claiming to be a torn piece of prison linen that Epstein allegedly used to kill himself by hanging last August at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City. However, this photo in particular conflicts with the theory that he was actually murdered, according to NYC medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden and Epstein’s own brother, Mark Epstein. Sunday’s news segment also features an interview with Baden, where he goes on record stating, “The forensic evidence released so far, including autopsy, point much more to murder and strangulation than the suicide and suicidal hanging,” adding that it was “not normal protocol” for Epstein to have been taken to an emergency room after being found non-responsive.

According to The Toronto Sun, Baden also lists a number of problems with Epstein’s death being ruled a suicide, including the crime scene disruption due to his body being moved and the fact that his hyoid bone at the base of his neck was broken in three spots — an injury like that is apparently virtually unheard of in cases of a suicide by hanging.

Whatever the case is, see the images below provided by 60 Minutes. Please be advised that these may be disturbing for some people:

Given the crimes Jeffrey Epstein has been accused of, including the sexual abuse and sex trafficking of minors, we don’t expect too many people to be torn up over these sensitive photos being leaked.