Jeezy Checks In With BMF After 50 Cent Called Him Out

Jeezy Checks In With BMF After 50 Cent Called Him Out


50 Cent had a busy week on social media, making it his personal mission to get everybody connected with BMF co-founder Southwest T after he was released early from prison. The brother of Big Meech, Southwest T was one of the leaders in their major drug operation, which took over several different states across the country and raked in hundreds of millions of dollars. 50 Cent has been playing nice with T, calling out several different characters and telling them that it’s time to pay up, including Diddy, Irv Gotti, and Jeezy.

So far, Diddy has already made good on his debt, getting in contact with Southwest T earlier this week. Irv Gotti has allegedly not been compliant and, as far as Jeezy is concerned, he wasn’t about to get in trouble with Fiddy or BMF. He made sure to connect with the newly-free man.

“THE NIGHT IS JUST ABOUT OVER AND I HAD A CHANCE TO TAKE IT ALL ON,” wrote Terry “Southwest T” Flenory on Instagram, sharing a photo with Jeezy. “ITS ALWAYS GOOD TO CONVERSE RESPECT BRO #BMF.”

Many believe that Jeezy would have checked in with Southwest T, even without being pushed to do so by 50 Cent. At the end of the day, that’s family for the Atlanta rapper. 

Still, it’s nice to see that he took time out to make the call.