Jay-Z, Roc Nation Demand Action In Ahmaud Arbery’s Case

Jay-Z, Roc Nation Demand Action In Ahmaud Arbery’s Case


The murder of Ahmaud Arbery has sparked outrage across the nation and beyond. Arbery was murdered in broad daylight by a father and son duo who claimed to have shot the 25-year-old man out of suspicion that he had burgled a house in the predominantly white neighborhood. 

Jay-Z and Roc Nation artists Meek Mill, Yo Gotti, and Alicia Keys have signed off on an open letter calling for a fair but quick trial so felony convictions can be placed against Gregory and Travis McMichaels. Additionally, they’re demanding the man who filmed the incident, William Bryan, is arrested and faces trial as an accomplice. The letter was addressed to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, GA AG Christopher Darr, and D.A. Tom Durden.

“By now, we’ve all seen the crime’s disturbing video, so the facts here are not in doubt: He was unarmed and innocent and the victim of a hate crime. Which is why we call upon you today, as official leaders of the Great State of Georgia, and with the entire world watching, to ensure that a fair trial is conducted, as that can only lead to the appropriate felony convictions of both McMichaels. We also implore you to charge William Bryan as an armed accomplice to the crime.”

The letter also addresses the conflict of interest in the case since Gregory Michaels, a former cop in the area, previously worked with D.A. Durden. Team Roc demands that Durden is recused from the case.

Read the full letter below.