Jason Derulo Claps Back At Twitter Troll For Declaring Him Corny

Jason Derulo Claps Back At Twitter Troll For Declaring Him Corny


It’s no secret that people find Jason Derulo to be incredibly corny. There are certain factors at play when it comes to determining whether someone or something is corny but ultimately, people base it more off of feeling than an actual rubric. Derulo’s brand of pop music, mixed with his persona on social media, have all led people to believe he is one of the more cringe-worthy characters in popular culture. His TikTok certainly doesn’t help his case as he can be seen dancing while biting his lip and wearing bedazzled cut-off bunny hoodies.

Recently, a Twitter troll clowned on one of his most recent TikTok videos and the tweet eventually went sem-viral. Well, Derulo caught wind of it all as he took to his own Twitter account and thanked the troll for increasing his following on TikTok.

“I Appreciate you! I Got 500k followers added to my 18 million in one day thanks to you,” Derulo said. “Hopefully you can use that same energy to grow your own followers someday.”

Derulo’s sarcastic response certainly contains some pain behind it if you really peel back the layers but for the purposes of Twitter, it was quite satisfactory. It won’t change the public perception that surrounds him but he definitely got his point across.