Jackie’s Boy – Releases Hot New – “Do It Again (ft Shawn Stockman)” Single

Jackie’s Boy – Releases Hot New – “Do It Again (ft Shawn Stockman)” Single


Jackie’s Boy – “Do It Again (ft Shawn Stockman)” lyric and video at first seem fairly simple until you catch onto the underlying theme. The video is appealing for those who enjoy watching a woman in black lace and garters move rhythmically to the incessant repetition of “Do it, do it again.” In reality, the song follows the common theme of daydreaming at home during enforced isolation. Isolated with a beautiful, willing and enthusiastic partner is one of the most common daydreams for most men.

Carlos Battey, also known as Jackie’s Boy, and Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men produce smooth vocals and a catchy tune. Many artists and regular people have found themselves isolated during the Coronavirus, and “Do It Again” recalls past love affairs and situations where it doesn’t matter whether you’re isolated.

Jackie’s Boy is well known for music and songwriting. He’s a Grammy winner and has worked with top artists including Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Madonna, Charlie Wilson, Bruno Mars, Johnny Gill, and Chris Brown. The premise behind the piece is uniting new R&B productions with classic hits. Jackie’s Boy explains that the music was developed earlier, and that collaborator Shawn Stockman instantly identified the piece and created an initial version of the song in just 10 minutes.

You’ll likely enjoy the model’s efforts, and the video is filmed artistically. The song is available everywhere. It’s a perfect piece for the times.


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