Jack Harlow Performs "What’s Poppin" On "Tonight Show" TV Debut

Jack Harlow Performs "What’s Poppin" On "Tonight Show" TV Debut


It was a big moment for Jack Harlow as he made his television debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. On Wednesday (February 12), the rapper took to the stage to perform “What’s Poppin,” a song that Fallon called his “jam right now.” The 21-year-old Kentucky-bred emcee took to the stage with a pianist to accompany his look.

Jack Harlow Performs "What's Poppin" On "Tonight Show" TV Debut
Jason Kempin / Staff / Getty Images

Jack Harlow delivered his single “What’s Poppin” just weeks ago, but the track is already being hailed as a reintroduction of the Generation Now rapper. There’s been a bit of s style change for the Harlow as fans await the release of his official debut project. In September 2019, Harlow released his acclaimed Confetti mixtape that kept the rapper’s name buzzing in the streets.

As much as Harlow may be an artist to watch, there’s still a shroud around his persona. He previously told XXL that he’s taking notes on how Travis Scott moves. “Soon I might have to implement that untouchable feeling. That’s what Travis [Scott] got,” he said. “If you really wanna take it there, you gotta have that superhero mystique. Muthaf*ckas are gonna have opinions and they’re not gonna feel the transition at first. I used to never use melodies as much as I do now. You can be what you wanna be, that’s the dopest part. I know I can be what Travis is. Not be Travis, but I was being genuine when I said maybe eventually I wanna evolve into that untouchable figure. If that’s what feels real to me at the time, then it’ll be real to everyone else.” Watch his The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon below.