‘I’ve Never Cried That Loud’: Ali Reveals A Heartbreaking Teen Mom 2 Injury

‘I’ve Never Cried That Loud’: Ali Reveals A Heartbreaking Teen Mom 2 Injury


Ali went to her semi-annual muscular dystrophy-related doctor’s visit earlier this season on Teen Mom 2, and Dr. Tsao (a neuromuscular specialist who viewers have seen through the years) complimented Leah’s daughter on her strength. However, he remarked that she had “weakness in the upper legs.” And during tonight’s episode, Dr. Tsao’s feedback was on full display when the Simms twin hurt her foot after a fall while she was at her dad Corey’s house. Fast-forward a week later, and Ali was still in pain.

“She didn’t say nothing about it all weekend,” Corey told Leah over the phone. “And then yesterday evening, like all of a sudden, she said it hurt.”

Leah explained to her sister Victoria, who was in labor and about to welcome a baby boy, that “muscles pull her foot in, and that’s why she walks that way.”

“There’s no way to change how her muscles are,” she stated, while adding that Ali was going to get an X-ray shortly to try to figure out if it is related to her muscular dystrophy.

But nothing was more upsetting than hearing Ali rehash the incident to her mom.

“I was screaming, I’ve never cried that loud,” Ali said, as Leah wiped away tears.

“I’ve noticed that you’re really struggling, I’m so proud of you, though. Even though your foot is hurting, you’re such a big girl. You’re so strong — you really are,” Leah concluded.

What will the X-ray reveal? And how will Ali recover? Keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday only on MTV.