It Finally Happened: Deena And Angelina Spoke On Jersey Shore — After Nearly A Year

It Finally Happened: Deena And Angelina Spoke On Jersey Shore — After Nearly A Year


Eight little words and a single plate of bruschetta was all it took for two roommates to mend fences.

Tonight’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation kicked off awkwardly enough with a family-dinner-turned-couples-retreat to welcome Pauly’s D’s main chick Nikki to the fam. (Sorry side piece, Vin.) Deena, who hadn’t faced her former roommate since that wedding, had agreed to attend on one condition: Angelina had to sit at the opposite end of the table.

Following some mindless group chatter about oatmeal recipes, sweet tea, and scented pinecones, the meatball was the one to initiate contact for the first time in nearly a year with an innocent request: “Angelina, do you mind passing me the bruschetta?” (Also known as a simple question that will go down in history as “the Italian version of passing the olive branch.”)

But diced tomatoes atop grilled bread was merely just the beginning. In a major post-dinner chooch move, it was actually Vinny’s faux pas (the utterance of the word “speech”) that officially “broke the ice” and sealed the peacemaking deal.

“Even though I didn’t want to sit down with her here, maybe I will. It’s gonna have to happen eventually,” Deena admitted.

In the heavily anticipated sitdown of all sitdowns, the girls finally aired their grievances to one another over waffles, rather than on social media.

“What I would love to hear from Angelina is like, ‘I apologize for feeding into social media’ and also owning up to how she acted at the wedding. A lot of times, Angelina has a hard time owning up to her own sh*t,” said Deena, with Angelina maintaining that their friendship “was very real.”

Despite their high hopes, the conversation that Deena “had been dreading” for nearly a year almost got worse before it got better, leading the expectant mama to wonder if she’d “made a huge mistake.” But things took a turn when they both agreed to keep their gym-tan-dirty-laundry off of Instagram.

“If there’s sh*t that happens in our family, it has to just stay here,” Deena said, with Angelina nodding in agreement. “And then we can move past it in our own time without so many millions of people.”

Heartfelt apologies were issued from both sides, with Deena feeling like “a weight has lifted” and Angelina having high hopes “to mend the friendship” — though any potential truce with JWOWW is a different story.

Stay tuned for more makeups and family feuds on an all-new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation next Thursday at 8/7c!