Is Juelz Santana Dissing Cam’ron On New Mixtape?

Is Juelz Santana Dissing Cam’ron On New Mixtape?


Although neither Juelz Santana nor his wife Kimbella has confirmed that the rapper’s new song “In My Life” is about Cam’ron, it sure sounds like the majority of bars are directed his way.

For years, the status of the friendship between Juelz Santana and Cam’ron, two members of The Diplomats, has been up in the air. It has been presumed that there is beef between them and, on the new mixtape released by Santana from behind bars, he appears to be airing out his frustrations with Killa Cam. 

Is Juelz Santana Dissing Cam'ron On New Mixtape?
Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

On the Foreigner-sampling “In My Life,” which is on the tracklist to #FREESANTANA, Juelz raps:

“I was the loyalest n***a you ever met/Now I wish I was a n***a you never met/This was supposed to be a forever thing/Now it’s just a whatever thing long as the cheddar’s clean/I repped us over everything/Never thought these were the ties I would have to consider severing.”

Later in the song, he continues:

“You ain’t building shit by yourself n***a/You just forgot that we all need help n***a/For worse or for better/But that just taught me that nothing is forever.”

Even if he’s not talking explicitly about Cam’ron here, it sounds like Juelz Santana has been through it all with somebody who he once wanted to build with, but that feeling is no longer mutual. Listen below.