Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc TV Series To Highlight "Glory Years"

Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc TV Series To Highlight "Glory Years"


He already has a solidified hit series with BET’s Tales, so Irv Gotti is moving on to telling the story of his chart-topping record label Murder Inc. Irv and his brother Chris Gotti launched Murder Inc. back in 1992 and it was one of the leading hip hop collectives until the late 2000s. Later, the label was under investigation from the IRS over allegations that they were laundering drug money and the accusations took a toll on everyone involved.

Irv Gotti's Murder Inc TV Series To Highlight "Glory Years"
Joe Raedle / Staff / Getty Images

There’s so much more that went on behind the scenes—including Irv’s love affair with Ashanti—and it’s time for all of their dirty laundry to be aired. Back in January 2019, Irv announced on Instagram that he was “taking [his] time” in developing a new television series because “it has to be perfect.” A year later, it looks as if the series will be arriving soon because Irv returned with another update.

“Y’all Ready!!! I promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me GOD. The rise. The fall. The feds. The beefs. The love. The hate. The wins. The loses,” the CEO shared. “Everything will be told. And it’s a TV Series. Cause I’m telling the whole entire story. The beginnings with nothing. To the Glory Years. To times that was like A LIVING HELL. Y’all Ready for it? A HIP HOP STORY!! #murderinctvseries.”

He wasn’t clear on whether this would be a docuseries or show with actors portraying the label’s key members. Will you be tuning in to watch?