Interview with “Simi” talking about her new album “To Be Honest”

Interview with “Simi” talking about her new album “To Be Honest”


The sultry singer/songwriter Simi

The Nigerian-born global music star, Simi is releasing her fourth album “To Be Honest” and SingersRoom sat down with the Afropop singer to find out more about this exciting new project.

Simi released her latest album “To Be Honest” on her own label Studio Brat. This project is the long-awaited new album from the artist who already has over 25 million online fans. Her coveted discography has already reached 500 million plays online. “To Be Honest” is her first full-length project released since 2019.

Written and composed by Simi, the brilliant 11-track album features just two guest appearances from Adekunle Gold and Fave, and production from the likes of BlaiseBeatz (Wizkid, Tiwa Savage), Pheelz (Davido, Fireboy DML), and Grammy Award nominee P.Priime. This latest album includes the following 11 tracks:

1. “Story Story”
2. “Born Again”
3. “Naked Wire”
4. “Loyal” (featuring Fave)
5. “Balance” (featuring Adekunle Gold)
6. “Logba Logba”
7. “Easy”
8. “No Joy”
9. “Temper”
10. “Nobody”
11. “Love for Me”.

Success is not a novel experience for this sultry singer/songwriter who has already had a top 5 record on the Billboard world album chart as well as a MTV Africa Music Award nomination under her belt. It’s no surprise that this artist is acknowledged as one of most distinctive female voices in African music today with three acclaimed albums and an EP under her belt.

Simi has experienced a new wave of creative expression since becoming a mother and this is evident in her recent hit tracks like “Sare”, “Woman” and “So Bad”.

Simi’s latest album, “To Be Honest” allows Simi to deliver the most defining record of her career so far. This album is driven by her amazing voice, lush harmonies, clever lyricism, and relatable songwriting. She combines captivating afro-leaning R&B, soul with pop soundscapes. Simi takes listeners on an enchanting musical journey throughout the album, exploring themes of love and life in an authentic voice.

“To Be Honest” opens with the introspective “Story Story”, where Simi reflects on her life journey so far. She reminisces about hurdles and breakthroughs in the rich life-affirming anthem “Born Again”. The track “Naked Wire” is an afropop masterclass and love song where Simi waxes lyrical about yearning for affection from her lover.

This sensational album also sees Simi in magnificent form with Fave on the glorious “Loyal” which ponders the complexities of friendships. She is joined by Adekunle Gold on the infectious afrobeats future hit “Balance”.

“Logba Logba” reveals Simi in a celebratory mood as she implores her man to spend his money on her. The dancehall-fused “Easy” invites listeners to enjoy their lives no matter their circumstances.

In the track “No Joy”, Simi pushes back against people projecting their insecurities onto other people. “Temper” sees the singer extolling the virtues of self-worth and contentment while she implores listeners never to settle for less on the aptly titled “Settle”. The album wraps up in resounding fashion with “Love For Me” where Simi shows her gratitude for God’s goodness, mercies and grace in her life.

Afropop princess, Simi – is pretty in pink

[Singersroom]: Congratulations on the release of ‘To Be Honest, how do you feel about releasing this new album after three years?

[Simi]: “Thank you very much. It’s exciting and on a level, freeing. I’ve been working on this project for years now and finally it’s out of my hands. Now I can relax, because it’s out in the world and I can’t take it back. Thankfully, I don’t want to.”

[Singersroom]: “What was it like putting these 11 songs together for this album?”

[Simi]: “It was quite a ride. I’ve ‘finished’ this album about three to four different times. What I mean is, I believed I was done with the album a number of times, but I kept changing it and turning it upside down. So it was an intense ride for sure.”

[Singersroom]: “Was there any particular song that took the most out of you to complete? And why was that?”

[Simi]: “Yes. The two song with features. I can’t tell you exactly why, but those songs did a big number on me. It wouldn’t have been as crazy if the craziness wasn’t happening so close to the release date. But I’ll be eternally grateful for how they turned out. Exactly how they were supposed to be.”

[Singersroom]: “You have only two features on the album. What was it like working with Adekunle Gold and Fave on this record?”

[Simi]: “Superb. They were both so superb. Beyond superb.”

[Singersroom]: “The album overall explores themes of love and life in an open and honest way, what one song on the album best captures this and why?”

[Simi]: “All the songs are saying something different, so there’s no answer. None of the songs are saying everything. That’s one of my favorite things about the album. I didn’t just make one song with my story and pretend like it didn’t happen in the other songs.”

[Singersroom]: “You have recently become a mother, how has this influenced your new album?”

[Simi]: “I think it’s affected me more as an artist than it did the album specifically. I’m just more aware of things now. I also have zero time to waste, so I do way more in way less time. It’s both great and tasking.”

[Singersroom]: “How would you describe your music style in three words? And how has your style evolved over time?”

[Simi]: “Right now I don’t even know. I just call this era SimiVibes. Lol. I’m now creatively in a space where I only want to write and sing what I feel like. I’ve been that way, but I’m much less filtered now. This ties back to me having zero time to waste. I’m only catering to the people that want to be catered to by me.”

Singer/songwriter Simi

[Singersroom]: “Can you talk to us a bit more about the album’s lead single ‘Naked Wire’, what’s this song all about?”

[Simi]: “It’s about the beauty and passion of love. It’s subtle in its sensuality, but there’s no mistake that it’s for lovers and loving.”

[Singersroom]: “You speak about people projecting their insecurities on other people in “No Joy”, how do you feel about these kinds of people?”

[Simi]: “They don’t want to see people happy because they’re so sad. So when they see someone might be sad or they have an opportunity to contribute to someone’s sadness, it makes them happy because now they’re not alone. So instead of praying they win too, they’re praying you lose. Zero joy.”

[Singersroom]: “You describe the album as a compilation of the things you’ve wanted to say for a long time, are there things you wanted to say that haven’t made the album for whatever reason? Can you share with us here?”

[Simi]: “If I share with you here, what will I put in my next album? Lol.”

[Singersroom]: “What are your plans to take this album on the road and perform it for your millions of fans across the world?”

[Simi]: “We plan to tour this year. I can’t wait.”

[Singersroom]: “Which three songs in your discography would you like to recommend for someone who wants to know more about you?”

[Simi]: “That’s a crazy question because there are so many sides to me now. There’s the side I’m coming from and that gave me my foundation and that I have an intense love. Also, there’s the side I am now – where I’m letting myself free fall. I’m less cautious. Less hungry. I can maybe take songs from both sides. Uhmmm…I swear I’m trying. I can’t do it. Listen to everything and learn all of me.”

Speaking about what inspired her to create the album, “To Be Honest”, Simi told us:

“This record “To Be Honest” is a compilation of my stories and some really candid things I’ve wanted to say for a long time. It has a couple of songs for love and vibes because who doesn’t love, love and vibes? It’s different from anything I’ve done before, but it is also stamped with my signature inflections and emotions and passions. People see my face or hear my voice and think they already know what they’re going to get. Well, they don’t. To be honest, they don’t!”

The full album “To Be Honest” is out now across all the usual streaming platforms. Add this to your playlists.

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