Instagram Gallery: Tinashe’s Most Flexible Looks

Instagram Gallery: Tinashe’s Most Flexible Looks


Tinashe is a talented singer just as much as she is a talented dancer. With quarantine in effect, Tinashe has been spending quite a bit of time sharing videos of herself dancing on the ‘Gram, and inviting her dad as well as her fans to join her in the routines as well. Her passion for dancing even led to a brief stint on the celebrity reality TV show, Dancing with the Stars, back in 2018.

With her penchant for dancing, comes a certain physical fitness and flexibility– as Tinashe has showed us time and time again. The singer can seemingly twist her body in yet-unknown positions, showing off quite the impressive physique in the process. We’ve decided to dig deep into her Instagram and collect a few photos that show off her flexibility skills for this weekend’s Instagram Gallery.

Hopefully this incites a desire to go to do some light stretching and improve your own flexibility, but if not, enjoy.

Bawdy goals, to put it lightly

Spider, but make it sexy

Leg for days

This could be a yoga pose 


Sensual and Stretchy

You’ll want to swipe to see the real flex

Twisty Tinashe

Who knew a body could bend this way?

Making it look way too easy