Instagram Gallery: Rappers And Their Cute AF Dogs

Instagram Gallery: Rappers And Their Cute AF Dogs


Dogs really are a rapper’s best friend. Free from the drama that accompanies clout-chasing social media thots and back-stabbing fake friends looking for an easy cash out, emcees are down to share their genuine bonds with their four-legged friends freely with the world. Celebrated by their furry companions for love and affection and not for their status or cash, rappers are quick to dish on the genuine strength of the bond between man and dog. 

“If you’re going through different stuff, if you’re feeling a certain way, an animal is always going to be there the same way,” says Waka Flocka Flame in a 2012 PSA against animal cruelty. “No matter how you feel. An animal isn’t going to curse you out. An animal isn’t going to fight you. He’s going to show you nothing but love. An animal is just like you, so be cautious of what you do.”

While most rappers show love to muscle dogs like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and chubby English Bulldogs who help to boost their (literally) top-dog image on social media for the benefit of their fans and haters alike, some artists like Kevin Gates take their breed preference to the extreme. Boasting a $90k price tag, Gates is unafraid to challenge his pet-loving industry mates with the claim that he “got the most exotic dog in the game. God blessed me with it.” 

To see some of the hottest rappers in the game today paired up with their cute AF dogs all over social media, check out the Instagram Gallery below. 


Gunna poses with his dog Dior while teasing new music to his 2.5 million Insta followers. 

Pusha T 

Pusha T’s dog CJ Thornton is evidently one of the most spoiled Maltipoos on the planet. 

Cardi B/Offset 

Did you know that before Cardi B and Offset became parents, they were made grandparents by their dogs Boujee & Bentley? 

Wiz Khalifa 

Wiz Khalifa is always down to share a slobbery kiss with his dog Vincent. 

Trey Songz 

There’s no way Trey Songz is letting his dog Kane fly commercial. 

Kevin Gates 

After dropping nearly $100k on his dog, Kevin Gates proves just how much he’s willing to shell out for the four-legged member of his family. 


Young MA

As much as Young MA loves to hate on her dog’s behavior on IG Live, she’s always down to ride for her pup.

Lil Pump 

“My dog is cuter than u bitches,” writes Lil Pump of his dog Mr. Eskeetit.  

Megan Thee Stallion 

Hot Girl Meg’s pup 4oe Frenchie flaunts her A-list lifestyle all over her own IG account which boasts a whopping 223k followers. 

Kodak Black 

Kodak Black kept it close to home by naming his dog Zeze after his No. 1 hit track.