Instagram Gallery: Ari Fletcher For Beginners

Instagram Gallery: Ari Fletcher For Beginners


Taking the tried-and-true industry mantra “all press is good press” to the extreme, Ari Fletcher is a queen when it comes to keeping her name in the headlines. Initially skyrocketing to internet darling status following the coverage of her tumultuous relationship and subsequent breakup with G-Herbo, Ari is quick to remind the public that she is much more than “just” a rapper’s baby momma. Following her very public, nasty split with G-Herbo which culminated in a physical assault/battery charge levied against the “Swervo” rapper, Fletcher focused on her newfound status as a social media personality boasting nearly 3 million followers. 

As an Instagram model with sizable assets, Fletcher soon caught the attention of Gervonta Davis for a short while and most recently, Moneybagg Yo. Often criticized for her role in the drama surrounding her high-profile love interests, hip-hop “it girl” Fletcher remains unbothered with her sights set only on securing her bag and looking after her son with G-Herbo, Yoshon. 

“People be acting like they hate me so much on the internet but I know in y’all heart y’all love me,” says Fletcher of her social media infamy. “I say and do everything a bitch want. I’m so careless and bold. It’s no shame in nothing I do. As long as I’m not harming anybody or f—ing up some money… I’m gone live my life how I want. It make people so mad that I don’t have a “talent” and for all this fucking attention and money,” she continues. “They hate to see it.”

She’s An Instagram Brand Partner/Influencer 

Yeah, she could buy designer but this Fashion Nova fits all of her (natural) backside. 

She’s A Proud Mother 

“My baby so damn cute it don’t make no sense,” captions Fletcher alongside a snap of her son Yoshon.  

She’s Linked Up With Moneybagg Yo 

“Federal, we locked in.” writes Fletcher of this candid shot of herself and Moneybagg Yo. 

She’s A Social Media “It” Girl 

Some call her an Instagram thot, she prefers the term “social media entrepreneur.” 

She’s Greatly Impacted By The Death Of Her Brother 

Ari pays homage to her late brother Kyle Fletcher every chance she gets, as evidenced by her social media handle @kylesister. 

She’s From Chicago 

Fletcher still has real love for her hometown, Chi city. 

Nothing But Love 

Even though her relationship with G-Herbo has been rocky from the start, they’re committed to moving forward and reaching a healthy co-parenting agreement. “Thank you @nolimitherbo for giving me the greatest gift ever, Yosohn Santana Wright!” writes Fletcher. 

She Takes Care of Her Body 

Keeping a figure like Fletcher’s isn’t easy. 

She Makes Her Money From Club Appearances 

If you want Fletcher to pull up at your spot, you’re gonna have to front some cash.