‘I’m The Best Man’: Will Fessy Really Outdo CT On Double Agents?

‘I’m The Best Man’: Will Fessy Really Outdo CT On Double Agents?


Take a break, Icarus: Fessy flew so close to the sun, he nearly caused an eclipse — and not just because the day’s mission kicked off at 15,000 feet. Now, the question after tonight’s Double Agents episode is: Will the game’s biggest guy protect his wings from molting, or is his descent imminent? And will he drag his partner Nany down as well?

After Darrell’s shocking elimination, the game’s remaining 11 competitors were forced to confront any fears of heights in “Spy Dive,” which challenged them to memorize a giant puzzle key while freefalling from an airplane. Then, once their feet were on the ground (and the screaming stopped), they’d have to sprint a half-mile to a checkpoint alongside their partners and recreate the key.

While the day’s winners Kaycee and Leroy had teamwork on lock, it was a struggle for teams like Fessy and Nany, who still hadn’t found a groove since Nany stole Josh away from Aneesa after beating Gabby in The Crater. And Nany began to kick herself for not taking warnings about the Big Brother star’s gloating seriously.

“This whole season, Aneesa’s been saying that Fessy’s a very hard person to work with,” Nany said. “And I’m really starting to understand what she meant by that. It’s his vibe. He’s just arrogant.”

And even from football fields away, Kam could spot Fessy’s apparent conceit.

“Sometimes, I can’t stand these guys and their egos,” Kam said. “Fessy, you need to stay with Nany, that’s your partner. It’s not a race against Cory.”

And it wasn’t only on the field that Fessy proved to be a liability. Once back at the house, Fessy — who failed to best Total Madness winner Johnny Bananas on his Challenge debut — decided to completely derail an ’80s-themed cast party by goading multi-time Challenge champion CT into an argument by saying he’s past his prime.

Totally not tubular!

“May the best man win, and I think I’m the best man,” Fessy said. “You’re supposed to be the GOAT, [but] they’re going to see you [on your back].”

But CT, who could only take so much provocation, eventually bared his teeth and told Fessy to take a walk.

“Get the f*ck outta here,” CT snarled. “No ones’s scared of you…You can’t flex on me, you’re in a tutu!”

(Part of Fessy’s costume included a neon-bright tutu, which Cory pointed out was completely inconsistent with the theme.)

Even Leroy, who was across the room, found Fessy’s claims unfounded.

“Fessy doesn’t know that CT will a) whoop his ass; b) CT, is a way better player in this game; and c) CT will whoop his ass,” he said.

Thankfully, CT and Fessy were able to calm down and patch things up before the scuffle got totally bogus and spaz. But in some ways, Fessy had already done damage and exposed himself as feeling “threatened” by CT, according to Cory.

What do you think: Is Fessy on the money by saying CT’s glory days are behind him, and is Fessy the one to beat? Or is he tooting his horn a little too loudly, and is Fessy bound to fall short again before claiming his first Challenge trophy? Share your thoughts, and see if Fessy can walk the walk when The Challenge returns Wednesday.