‘I’m Really Liking This Chemistry’: Will Lolo’s Spark With Nam Ignite On The Challenge?

‘I’m Really Liking This Chemistry’: Will Lolo’s Spark With Nam Ignite On The Challenge?


Double Agents rookie Nam has been described as “hot” (by Wes), “a physical specimen” (Jay) and “built like a statue” (Kam). But what does his partner, fellow newbie Lolo Jones, think of the Ultimate Beastmaster competitor?

“My teammate’s kind of growing on me. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve seen him come out of the shower a few times, but I’m really liking this chemistry we have,” the Olympian stated during this week’s Challenge episode. “He’s so good-looking.”

And even though it’s early on Season 36, Nam claimed he liked Lolo as well.

“I wouldn’t say I’m looking for love, but you never know,” he said privately in an interview. “Let’s say I win the million and I win love, so it’s like two millions in a row. Wouldn’t be bad.”

So have the two progressed from friends to more than friends? Well, not quite (yet?). Lolo wanted him to pursue her (since she’s the lady), but he hasn’t.


“I’m throwing everything out his way, but he’s just stoic,” she admitted in a confessional.

Finally, though, after a trip to their home-based club (built for safety purposes) with the rest of the competitors, the duo did share a sweet hug — as Wes, Theresa and Aneesa cheered them on.

“Could you imagine the babies?” Aneesa mused.

We can. But back to reality. There’s a budding attraction between Lolo and Nam, but will it progress into something more? And if so, will it affect their Challenge game? Give your take and do not miss the teammates — and the other players — every week on The Challenge: Double Agents airing Wednesdays at 8/7c!