Ice Spice Speaks on Taking Advice from Mentors Drake & Nicki Minaj

Ice Spice Speaks on Taking Advice from Mentors Drake & Nicki Minaj


Ice Spice is rising quickly in the scene but she has some veteran artists to go to for advice when needed.

The Bronx rapper is Apple Music’s newest Up Next artist so she sat down with Zane Lowe to talk about her success, collaborating with Taylor Swift and coming out at her stadium shows, growing up in the Bronx, and having a mentor-like relationship with Nicki Minaj and Drake.

“I feel like I am absorbing advice from her [Nicki] and learning from her and stuff. And she’ll tell me, “Learn from my mistake, do this or don’t do that,” or whatever. And I just really pay attention to what she’s saying. Because if there’s anyone I’m going to listen to it’s the queen,” she said about taking advice from Nicki who she’s already collaborated with twice.

“[With Drake] We talk all the time and we’re always just laughing about some things that go on. And I’ll ask him, “What should I do with this? Or how’d you go about this? Or did you ever experience that?” And he’ll… I’m not going to give real examples, but- … he’ll tell me, “I did this and you should do that too, because you can.” And I’ll be like, “You’re right. Period. I’m going to do that.” It’s like coach vibes,” she continued about Drake.

Ice Spice also spoke about how she felt being brought out by Taylor Swift at her shows.

“After the show, because shout out to her, she brought me out to her stadium shows. Can you believe that? I did a stadium show before an arena. That was nuts. I’m not going to lie,” she said.

“[The audience felt like] Little lights twinkling. And no, but it’s crazy because you hear all this, the roar that you hear in a Taylor Swift show is unmatched. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that. And there’s so many… So I tried to watch the show. Sorry, I’m jumping everywhere. I’m just so excited about this experience. But I tried to watch the show and I was like, “No one’s going to notice me. They’re paying attention to whatever.” So I’m standing there trying to be low-key. And then this one little seven year old girl screams my name. And she was like, “Ice Spice.” She was like, “‘Boy’s a Liar’, ‘In Ha Mood’.” And I’m like, “Oh my gosh, she’s so fucking cute.” And then a bunch of other little girls just appeared and they just was trying to take pictures. And I was like, “All right, child. Let me go back to the dressing room and wait until it’s my turn to come out.” But her show was amazing, and I’m just so grateful. Like 200,000 people, I think we performed for.”