‘I Regret That I Ever Slept With You’: Is Marissa Really Done With Brandon On Double Shot?

‘I Regret That I Ever Slept With You’: Is Marissa Really Done With Brandon On Double Shot?


So much for “bros night all night” — and a Double Shot at Love wedding featuring Brandon and Marissa.

During tonight’s brand-new episode, Brandon, Nicky and Antonio attempted to go out sans the girls (B-Lashes and Derynn opted to stay in post-jumping in the pool after the gang’s first day of work at Drai’s). But the plan to divert the ladies elsewhere and party without them backfired — and soon “you lying a** bitch” Brandon found himself in a precarious situation with Marissa. And it doesn’t look like there will be any more “sexy time” between the two.

First, Brandon approached Maria and told her, “You’re looking super sexy with these little pigtail things you got going on.” Maria, not Marissa. But Marissa observed the interaction and felt it was inappropriate that he was flirting with her pal.

“He’s a definition of a scumbag,” Marissa stated.

Maria was confused by Brandon and told him to “f*ck off” after he made some forward comments. When the group left the club, Marissa couldn’t hide her jealousy any longer, and she even told Brandon his d*ck didn’t know where it wanted to go. (He asked how her feet were doing; she asked him about his d*ck, and that’s how we got there…)

Boozy Suzi chimed in and said Brandon was lying to Marissa about their connection — which prompted her to then tell him, “You wanna f*ck with Maria and then f*ck with Marissa…You’re a f*ck boy!”

When everyone returned to the suite, Marissa and Brandon spoke without the rest of the gang (Nicky and Antonio kept the other girls out after they attempted to infiltrate).

“We hooked up. We could have built more of a relationship, but look at what’s going on outside,” he stated. “So why would I want to even involve myself in something like this? Because now I gotta deal with this. This is the worst situation ever.”

He continued that as a 27-year-old, hooking up to him is “not a big deal” — but maybe it was to her.

“It’s unfortunate because now this can never ever happen again,” he concluded. “I don’t even want to deal with it.”


And Marissa didn’t want to deal with it either.

“You knew that I was attracted to you; you knew I had something towards you,” she insisted. “So don’t f*cking play me. I regret that I ever slept with you.”

And that was that. Are Brandon and Marissa done keeping it casual, and are the hookups really over? They both insist that’s the case — but they are in Vegas, after all.

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