‘I Know What I Stand For Now’: Did Chloe Find The Key To Navigating Life On Siesta Key?

‘I Know What I Stand For Now’: Did Chloe Find The Key To Navigating Life On Siesta Key?


Chloe has reemerged in Siesta Key — and she’s stronger than yesterday (Britney reference).

Tonight’s episode saw the MTV crew readjusting to life back in the Key after a lengthy private Palm Island getaway, during which they received a shocking “farewell” video from Chloe.

The reason Chloe gave for her absence? “You can only place yourself in a toxic environment for so long until you have your breaking point,” she stated in the clip.

But now she’s back — and possibly better than ever thanks to a month-long journey of self-realization.

“I was focusing on myself,” Chloe privately told Amanda, who was glad to have her back. “But I’m learning now that I’m allowed to have fun, I’m allowed to enjoy life. I don’t have to be a perfect channel at all times. There is a common ground where I can still enjoy what humans get to experience, which is having a lot of fun.”

Chloe, who is determined to show her friends that she’s changed, added that she “really, really did miss [everyone] a lot” and then wasted no time asking about what went down between Kelsey and Juliette on the island.

Cue Cara’s take: “She took a three-day hiatus, and now she’s back? This is such a Chloe thing to do.”

Fast-forward to Brandon and Delainey’s baby shower, where little Quincy got better acquainted with his “Aunt Coco” and her crystals. Everyone’s jaw dropped at her return, especially those of Madisson and Kelsey.

While Madisson said she thought Chloe’s exit was “very final,” Chloe told her and Kels, “I felt like for a period of time, I didn’t know how to fit in anymore. I didn’t feel strong enough. And now after not being a part of it and stepping back, I really feel that I’m strong in my journey, and I know what I stand for now. I should be able to be placed in any environment, and I still should be able to stand in my truth. And what I’ve learned over the past month is how to remain neutral.”

Touting the message that “love is the answer,” Chloe stressed that “after really going within and being in prayer and meditation a lot,” she feels “compelled to fix” the situation between Kelsey and Juliette with a solid serving of “compassion and kindness.”

Needless to say, Madisson was skeptical about her friend’s return.

“It’s such a pattern where she, like, goes all in and says, ‘Never drinking again,’ ‘Never gonna be on the show again,'” she told Cara. “Kelsey and I did agree to go paddleboarding with her…which is also weird because Chloe has never liked Kelsey. She has never been kind to Kelsey ever.” [34:02]

Warned Cara: “I would just be careful, both you and Kelsey. Chloe is constantly trying to manipulate people.”

Will Chloe remain true to herself and her journey? Sound off with your thoughts, then catch an all-new episode Wednesday at 8/7c.