‘I Do’-Over: Will Angelina’s Second Family Vacation Wedding End In Drama?

‘I Do’-Over: Will Angelina’s Second Family Vacation Wedding End In Drama?


It wasn’t all that long ago when the dreaded w-word would set off a firestorm of emotions. But now that peace has (finally) been restored at the Jersey Shore Lake Las Vegas, the boys are all set to give Angelina the drama-free wedding of her dreams. Enter the “RSVP stupid fun positive wedding.”

Tonight’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation saw Ang’s nuptials numero dos come to fruition with Nikki on deck as event planner, Uncle Nino as officiant, Mike as food and beverage manager (Funfetti and chicken fangers for everyone!), and Vinny serving as the speech G.O.A.T., which is serious business for obvious reasons.

“Do you realize the whole speech is everything. If you f*ck this up, you f*ck this all up,” noted Pauly, with a nervous Vinny adding, “It can’t go any worse than what has happened.”

One thing that wasn’t a concern was a bunch of bridesmaids — because there weren’t any. JWOWW and Deena vowed to take a backseat at this ceremony. Fast forward to the Sin City ceremony, where Angelina and Chris got hitched “for the second f*cking time,” and it all went off without a, well, hitch. But wait! There was still a reception to be had.

“The redo is a complete success,” Mike said. “But let’s not get ahead of ourselves because Angelina’s first wedding started beautiful too. Once we had the reception, it was a big nosedive.”

Cue the reception dinner, where Deener raised her glass. “Guys, I’d like to make a toast.”

Maybe the bruschetta made her cocky? Tune in next Thursday at 8/7c to hear what she has to say. Until then, we’ll be praying to the Jersey gods that it doesn’t lead to another 10-month family breakdown.