‘I Can’t F*cking Do This’: Is Kelsey And Garrett’s Siesta Key Romance Really Over?

‘I Can’t F*cking Do This’: Is Kelsey And Garrett’s Siesta Key Romance Really Over?


Kelsey and Garrett’s Siesta Key Christmas doesn’t look like it’s going to be merry and bright.

During tonight’s episode, Kelsett attended a holiday bash at Sam’s (aka Juliette’s “new guy”), and the pair’s December evening was turned upside down. All because of an Instagram photo, which Madisson discovered.

“What the f*ck! Wait, that’s the girl that’s from Halloween, right?” Madisson gasped, while showing Kelsey the image of Garrett and Carli, which had the caption “after work drinks with the sexiest trainer.” Yes, the same girl who had sex with Garrett and Kelsey confronted at a costume party for flirting with her man. Oh, and Kelsey also threw a drink on Carli as well.

Kelsey immediately approached Garrett, and he deflected and stated it wasn’t a recent photo and was “from a long time ago.”

“She’s still posting it as a throwback, kissing you?” Kelsey posed.


“I don’t know why she’s doing that. I mean, I train her, but that’s from a long time ago,” Garrett responded.

But that was news to Kelsey, and she was extremely hurt.

“The girl that I have the biggest problem with, that you have slept with, that I poured a drink on. And you know I hate. You f*cking train her,” Kelsey exclaimed. “Oh my God, Garrett!”

He claimed that was in the past, but Kelsey called out the double standard.

“Just like the situation with Jake and I that you keep giving me sh*t about, and you keep making me feel like I’m the worst person in the world,” she retorted. “And you’re doing the exact same thing behind my back for months. That’s not okay.”

Garrett denied doing anything, but Kelsey couldn’t get over the training tidbit, given his intimacy with Carli in the past.

“I can’t f*cking do this — it’s not okay,” Kelsey tearfully said.

Garrett felt remorse and that he “messed up,” but he also stated that he couldn’t keep apologizing for fear that it wouldn’t actually fix anything. They ultimately concluded that they shouldn’t be together because his mea culpas weren’t enough, if this was their relationship.

With mutual “alrights” exchanged and Kelsey affirming that she was not going to proceed with him any longer — even though her pain to do so was evident — she walked away and ran straight to Juliette to tell her what had just unfolded. Juliette took it upon herself to confront Garrett. With a few (missed) swings toward his face.

“Juliette, stop!” Kelsey told her friend, to which Garrett responded with, “Chill.” Juliette retreated back to Kelsey but yelled at Garrett to leave the event. He obliged — after Juliette tried to push him out.

“She’s probably the last person who needs relationship advice from you!” Garrett shouted as he exited stage right.

So will “not doing this” — aka being together — actually stick? Or can Garrett and Kelsey get over this latest setback — like they have done multiple times — and start over? Give your thoughts, then keep watching the two every Tuesday on Siesta Key at 8/7c.