Hundreds of Songs By Kanye West, Travis Scott, Gunna, A$AP Rocky & More Surface Online

Hundreds of Songs By Kanye West, Travis Scott, Gunna, A$AP Rocky & More Surface Online


In arguably one of the biggest song leaks in music history, hundreds of songs from artists like Kanye West, Travis Scott, Gunna, A$AP Rocky and more have leaked online, including the much anticipated (but never released) ‘Can U Be’ by Ye and Travis Scott.

In what seems to be a ‘Group Buy’ outcome, where fans from over the world pool in money to have leaked audios be put online, unreleased hits are flying off left, right and centre. This comes in nearly 8 years after failed group buy campaigns from fans who participated in buying the leak for Kanye x Travis’ ‘Can U Be’, which is now finally out albeit in an unconventional manner. The leak also included songs and versions from A$AP Rocky’s album Testing, as well as over 130 songs from Gunna 2016.

While a sizeable chunk of these songs have never been heard before, the folders seem to house different versions of previously released songs as well. What is even more mind blowing is the fact that some of these songs also come with stems, which makes the probability of producer flips across the world a strong one. While the method is questionable in terms of ethical music consumption, what is interesting is that certain fans even individually contributed over $5k to add momentum to the leak!

While the chronology of these events is still unclear, it seems as though a certain ‘Vega’ is responsible for the leak. Another user on X also hinted at the possibility of 40 collaborative songs by Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West if $100k are raised as part of the group buy campaign.

Note: The story is still under development, and we urge readers to keep up with this page to find out new developments on the leak.