How COVID-19 Has Affected Teen Mom 2’s Leah

How COVID-19 Has Affected Teen Mom 2’s Leah


The first mention of coronavirus was featured on this week’s Teen Mom 2 episode as Leah discussed her busy upcoming schedule with Jeremy. The mother of three had plans to visit Victoria’s baby daddy in Costa Rica, travel to Los Angeles to be with her new PR team and figure out her upcoming book tour.

“I mean, have you not been watching the news about everything?” Addie’s father asked his ex. “I wouldn’t be traveling and stuff. You bring it back and [give it to] your grandma, which is an elderly person. [You’ll] get her sick, and then Ali already is. That would be bad for her. We both know her immune system ain’t that great. It’s a bad idea to travel right now, period.”

However, Leah countered that she had her “book coming up,” to which Jeremy responded, “But if it keeps going and going and going and starts shutting down stuff, you ain’t got no book tour anyways.”

“I still have another month,” she added, but Jeremy would not back down from his stance.

“In a month, it might be better or it might be way worse,” Jeremy insisted. “It’s clearly no joke when people start dying.”

When Leah had a chance to reflect on the unfolding situation, her perspective on the timely topic had changed.

“After talking to Jeremy, it really had me thinking about the coronavirus and just how serious it really is,” she stated in a diary cam. “Now I’m re-thinking my plans.”

She concluded: “There’s so much uncertainty around it. Is it okay? Is it safe to go? Am I going to bring anything back to Ali? Yes, my book is important and promoting it is important, but my daughter’s life I value more.”

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