How Ashley And Bar ‘Recommitted’ To Their Teen Mom 2 Marriage

How Ashley And Bar ‘Recommitted’ To Their Teen Mom 2 Marriage


Ashley began the Teen Mom 2 season confessing that she and Bar got married off-camera and things between them were “super-rocky.” Some documented lows included Ashley’s mother Pastor Tea telling her daughter she should get a divorce as well as Bar confiding in his mother Shen that he needed to save their “dwindling” marriage because of his actions. However, through the ups and downs, Holly’s parents vowed to work on their relationship, and their time on Family Reunion (especially the conversations with Coach B) proved to be pivotal in changing their bond for the better. But one thing was missing.

“I lost my ring,” Bar stated, while Ashley commented that he misplaced it in the parking lot at a casino. Ashley also stopped wearing her jewelry shortly after Bar’s band went missing.

“We have been through hell and back. We have been up and down,” Ashley admitted in a diary cam. But she had an idea to reinforce their commitment to each other as husband and wife.

“Putting the ring back on both of us symbolizes that we are recommitted, we are moving forward. It’s scary, but the only thing I can do is go by how I feel and just hope that I am making the right decision,” she revealed.

Ashley visited a jeweler to purchase the exact same ring as the original, and she surprised Bar with his new diamond-encrusted band as he was washing the dishes.

“I wanted to do something special, something cute, because I feel like I almost signed the divorce papers. And not signing the divorce papers is really something to celebrate,” Ashley told a giddy Bar.

Bar sweetly reacted with “same one, let’s go!” And even though Bar has a ring again, Ashley stated that in the grand scheme of things, the ring did not “mean a f*cking thing.” Bar agreed but also offered that there was a special meaning behind the ring and how it was “opening a new chapter.”

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